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We are a brand owner/designer and have our own 3D software, why should we go through TurnAvisual?
If the packaging you require is available in our library, then you don’t have to invest in a new 3D model. You can simply do your work through our automation engine. You only need to buy credits to use it.
We are a packaging manufacturer and have our own 3D software, so why should we use TurnAvisual?
The whole idea of using TurnAvisual is to give your clients access to creating the 3D without having to interrupt you or wait for you to have the time to serve them. Imagine how much time and money you would save if your client was able to go through 3-5 corrections in one day, without needing your involvement!
I need a pack-shot of my new packaging, but as it is transparent packaging, I need to show the content of the packaging too, is that possible?
Not yet, but is coming soon as a 24 hour service. Sign up for our newsletter and you will be kept informed about progress.
I have transparent packaging, can you make this too?
Not yet. The shape will be white at this stage, but it is in our development plan. Just sign up for our newsletter and you will be kept informed about progress.
We have our own software licenses; can we still use your system?
We do not support download of 3D shapes. If you wish to use your own 3D software please contact us, and we can discuss your possibilities.
Is it free to create an account?
It is free to sign up. You do not need a credit card to sign up for the free plan. For more about pricing please visit our pricing page.
How much does it cost to use TURNAVISUAL?
You get one project for free, and it is totally free to sign up. If you are happy using TURNAVISUAL, you might consider upgrading to a larger plan to have more projects and designs.
I’m a packaging manufacturer and I’m interested in knowing more about TurnAvisual. How do I get more information?
We are happy to hear that! You can read more about our services here or contact us here.
I’m a packaging manufacturer and interested in TURNAVISUAL, but what do you need to be able to add my packaging to the TURNAVISUAL library?
You will need to place a 3D shape order in TURNAVISUAL. This includes a picture of the packaging, a CAD drawing or other detailed drawings of the packaging including the decoration area. You can reach out to our support team if you need help.
I don’t want to give my 3D files to TurnAvisual as I’m afraid they might be copied and misused, how do I avoid this risk?
We understand your concern. We do not publish or distribute any files or content sent to us for the purpose of creating a 3D shape. If you do not trust us with your files, please send a mail to our support team and we will find a solution.
Can anyone download my 3D shapes?
You completely control who can download your 3D shapes. A 3D shape can be either public or private. Public 3D shapes are visible to all users of TURNAVISUAL. Private 3D shapes are only visible for the users you choose.
I don’t have a 3D model of my packaging, what do I do?
Don’t worry, we will create the 3D files for the 3D packaging shape.
I already have my own 3D models, can you use these?
Ordering a 3D shape is much easier and it is faster processed if you upload a 3D file. You need to order a 3D shape through TURNAVISUAL in order for your 3D model files to work with TURNAVISUL.
I have customized packaging, which I don’t want to show to others. What do I do?
While we encourage manufacturers to show their packaging publicly on TURNAVISAUL to aquire new customers for their businesses, we also recognize that for some manufacturers publicly showing packaging is a strategic disadvantage. If this is your case but are still interested in using TURNAVISUAL, we recommend our Show Rooms solution, which offers complete privacy over your 3D shapes.